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  • Fundraier Update

    All money for the fundraiser is due by Tuesday, October 15th. Get out and sell that chocolate, Bobcats!

    Sell One Box:

    You will be admitted to the “Party of the Year” with DJs and a fantastic light and video show.

    Sell Two Boxes:

    You will be included in all kinds of fantastic drawings at the party. Prizes in the drawings will include all sorts of flashing party favors, Sling Shot Critters, Selfy Sticks, Texans jerseys, a 5 lb. bag of gummy bears and a 5 lb. chocolate bar. We will also be drawing names to spin the Money Wheel ($5-$50). This year we will also be drawing for Blue Tooth Tube Speakers and Blue Tooth Headphones.

     Sell Three Boxes:

    Earn all the levels above PLUS: You get to play "Cash Ball" at the party (Win $1-$50).

    Sell Four Boxes:

    Earn all the levels above PLUS:  You will go on a fantastic field trip to Putt Putt Fun House. This place

    has Bumper Boats, Batting Cages, Laser Tag, Putt Putt Golf, 3-D Theatre, a Rock Climbing Wall and all

    kinds of arcade games. Pizza and drinks also will be provided.

    Sell Six Boxes:

    Earn all the levels above PLUS: You get to scratch a "Mystery Card" at the party (Win $10-$50).

    Sell Ten Boxes:

    Earn all the levels above PLUS: Automatically in Money Machine (minimum $60).

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