•                                               Mr. Elbert's Bio Page

    I entered the education industry in mid 2007 after a long search to bring stability and meaning into my life. With my high cheekbones, fetching head of hair, and velvety croon, I became a pop pin-up. After living the life of a pop prince for some time, I grew weary of the void of wealth and fame. I tried to escape to a cave hidden near Krause springs, hoping to study Gregorian chant and revel in the calm, only for fans to track me down and hammer on the cave door.  After my third album failed to go triple platinum in 1997, I disappeared into oblivion.


       After years of study and meditation I resurfaced as a mild mannered 5th grade teacher in a small suburb lurking in the shadows of the metropolis I once ruled. It is here, at Dabbs Elementary, that I found true peace and harmony. I was not cut out for that world of pop stardom. I loved the music, but I didn't have the temperament for fame. It is the hum of industry, the sound of children furiously tearing through pages of Paulsen, Polanco, and Silverstein that I have found true spirituality.