• San Jacinto Elementary- "Fit Body, Fit Mind" Grant

    Posted by Jennifer Torres on 9/29/2016



    How can we get every student at SJE physically active for the maximum time is a question we have been trying to find the answer to. After experimenting and researching different programs, we have found one that works.  This is what we call "Fit Body Fit Mind"!  This is a fitness program where every student can be successful.  When our youth is physically active, their brain activity is directly affected.  We purchased a cross fit starter kit to test on the students but only half could participate.  This grant allowed us to complete a class set,  so the entire class would benefit.  This equipment will be used weekly by all students at SJE during their  PE class.  An added bonus would be to implement an after school faculty fitness program using this same equipment.  The "Fit Body Fit Mind" fitness program will change how our students value physical fitness for years to come.




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