• Mrs. Dickey
    This is my 11th year of teaching. All 11 of my years have been at Parkwood Elementary, and before that I substituted in Deer Park and Pasadena. In my 11 years, I have taught the following: First grade- all subjects, Reading Recovery (first grade reading intervention), Kindergarten dual language, and first grade dual language. As a dual language teacher, I first work with only the English speaking students on learning to read and write in their first language. Then I briefly work with the Spanish speaking students to practice their English. My first 8 years of teaching were as MS. COUGHRAN!
    I love collecting pigs, reading, napping, taking pictures, and making little crafty items in my spare time! :)
    I sincerely love what I do! I have my master's degree in Educational Leadership and hold a principal's certificate. I am currently working on my doctorate in early childhood education. Teaching a child to read AND to love reading seriously has to be the best job out there!