• Syllabus for 8th Grade PAP and Regular Language Arts



    Course Description

    8th Grade PAP Language Arts prepares the students for freshman courses at North Campus.  At the 8th grade level, we offer direct instruction in grammar with application to the writing process, varied genres of literature, and basic concepts of style analysis. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) are addressed throughout the curriculum in addition to the higher-level thinking skills associated with the STAAR exam.


    Class Policies

    • Grades-Language arts grades are comprised of daily work, written papers, participation, quizzes, projects, and tests.  Major projects and major tests are 60% of the grade.  Daily work, quizzes, and in-class assignments are 40% of the grade. 
    • Late work on daily grades is not accepted. Discussion over these assignments occurs the following day which invalidates evaluation. I do accept late work on major compositions and projects; however, points will be deducted on a daily basis.
    • We encourage personal integrity in each of our students. Plagiarism from any source will result in a zero on an assignment.
    • Conduct -Every student begins each nine weeks period with outstanding (O) mark in conduct.  Those students who exhibit any disruptive and/or defiant behaviors will receive marks lower depending on the severity and frequency of the disruptions in class.  Parents will be contacted if behavior is unacceptable.



    In the event of an absence from school, the student is responsible for getting assignments from the teacher.  If a student is present the day the assignment is made, but absent on subsequent days, the assignment is due the day the student returns to school.


    iPads & Library books

    To participate in 8th grade PAP Language Arts, every student will need to bring their charged iPad and a library book (once rotations start) to class EVERYDAY. 


    Deer Park Jr. High School Late Work Policy

    Due date = full credit

    1 day late = fifteen points deducted

    2 days late = thirty points deducted

    After three days late, a 0 will be recorded in the grade book.


    Extra Credit

    Reading any book from the Lone Star list and answering one of “Richard Peck’s Ten Questions to Ask About a Novel is the ONLY extra credit accepted in eighth grade language arts classes. Students are encouraged to do extra credit activities DURING the nine weeks, instead of waiting until the week before grades are due.


    I look forward to a successful year with your child!


    Amy Barclay


Last Modified on August 15, 2018