Deer Park Elementary on precautionary lockdown due to nearby home eviction

The following message is being sent to Deer Park Elementary parents this morning.
Dear Parent/Guardian,
This morning, Deer Park Elementary was contacted by Harris County Precinct Eight regarding a forced eviction that is taking place about a block away from the school (near the intersection of East P Street and Parkglen Street). The situation has resulted in the presence of a number of emergency vehicles in the area around the school.
As a precaution, county sheriffs recommended that we follow lockdown procedures for the duration of the event. They assure us that they have plenty of officers available to manage the situation, and they do not expect there to be an impact on the school.
I want to stress that we are following our normal routines whenever possible, and we are doing everything we can to make it a regular instructional day for our students. In most cases, there has been no interruption at all. However, some students have been moved away from areas with windows to other parts of the school.
Whitney Rich
Principal, Deer Park Elementary
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