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Teaching From My Trunk

Hear For You!
Yes, I teach from my trunk! As an itinerant teacher, I hit the pavement each day and cover various areas of Deer Park. It is a privilege to serve, support, inform and empower students who are deaf or hard-of hearing. Along with working with school-age students, I am a Parent-Infant Advisor for babies birth to two years old.
Contacting Me
Because I am back and forth on multiple campuses, you can leave me a voicemail or shoot me an email. I try my best to respond to parent contact within the same day if not 24 hours. My contact information can be found on the right of this webpage.
Where To Find Me
--Early Childhood Center
--Carpenter Elementary
--Deer Park Elementary
--Fairmont Elementary
--Deer Park Junior High
Office: 832-668-7155