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January 2019

  • Deer Park ISD sixth and seventh-grade students participated in the District Science Fair

    Posted by Jose Perez on 1/31/2019




    Deer Park ISD sixth and seventh-grade students participated in the District Science Fair, during which students showcased their talents and presented their projects to teachers about the information they researched.

  • Students show off STEM skills at showcase

    Posted by Matthew Lucas on 1/30/2019



    Deer Park ISD hosted its STEM Showcase at Fairmont Junior High on Saturday, and over 500 students, parents, volunteers, and community members showed up to witness science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in action.  Highlights of the Showcase included elementary robotics, junior high robotics, a science fair, elementary and secondary maker spaces, and high school computer science courses.


    The event ended with the official District robotics competition, which included three areas of competition: Molecule Mania, Inventions, and Battle Bots. Molecule Mania is a programming competition for which students program robots to manipulate objects on a board. Inventions allows students to create and present an invention of their own using Lego bricks and robotics kits. Students are judged on their created prototype, computer program, research data, presentation skills and much more. Battle Bots features two robots going head-to-head against each other in the arena with students using an iPad-based remote control of their design. The object is to either flip or pin the opposing robot against the wall for 10 seconds.


    All competitions were a great success showcasing the many talents and skills of elementary robotics students across the District.  Winning Teams included:


    Molecule Mania

    1st place –Lil’Tech, Carpenter Elementary

    Erica Viera

    Alexis Acosta

    Isabelle Towery


    2nd place – I Like Turtles, Carpenter Elementary

    Jonathan Mata

    Sebastian Unate

    Brayden Trahan

    Finley Smiley

    Peyton Warren


    3rd place –Noodles, Carpenter Elementary

    Cube Rosales

    Adam Castellano

    Robert Hernandez

    Anthony Smith



    1st place – Fantastic Four, Deer Park Elementary

    Flauren Miller

    Paige Hathhorn

    Lucy Richardson

    Kiley Adams


    2nd place – Texas Tech, Deer Park Elementary

    Cailyn Smith

    Davin Lohman

    Aaron Badgett

    Molly Abele


     3rd place – Teletubbies, Deer Park Elementary

    Sean Dupuis

    Colt Turner

    Blane Abshier

    Aiden Moore


    Battle Bots

    1st place – Rolex, Carpenter Elementary

    Jeffery Daniels

    Joel Perez


    2nd place – Noodles, Carpenter Elementary

    Cube Rosales

    Adam Castellano

    Robert Hernandez

    Anthony Smith


    3rd place – I Like Turtles, Carpenter Elementary

    Jonathan Mata

    Sebastian Unate

    Brayden Trahan

    Finley Smiley

    Peyton Warren


    DPISD junior high robotics competed in the First Lego League Into Orbit competition for the first time this year. The three categories were board, project, and core values. Teams had to work together to compete, present, and solve problems in these three different categories.


    Junior high Robotics winners were:


    1st place – Pirates, Deepwater Junior High

    Daniel Rodriguez

    David Juarez

    Ricke Barrow

    Julian Alvarado

    Isaiah Fernandez

    Felipe Tejeda

    Chris Mellon

    Francisco Cardenas

    Amir Alvarez

    Samantha Herrera


    2nd place – Titan Moon, Bonnette Junior High

    Michael Cudney

    Juan Montelongo

    Elias Mottu

    Giovanny Ledesma

    Alex Acosta


    3rd place – The Nerd Herd, Deer Park Junior High

    Rex Kramer

    Jackson Fuqua

    Ian Schoen

    Lukas Chatenet

    Kody Keo

    Nathan Balderas

    Famian Ramirez

    Haden Bull


    4th place – Planet 9, Fairmont Junior High

    Iliana Aguilar

    Jet Banister

    Andrew Brown

    Haden Burns

    Christian Hernandez

    James Loyless

    Fouzan Raza

    Zachary Valdez

Deer Park Elementary Sock Hop event

Posted by Jose Perez on 1/29/2019


Deer Park Elementary students and teachers dressed in 50s attire for their Sock Hop event.

DPHS Choir places four singers and one alternate in All-State Choir

Posted by Matthew Lucas on 1/25/2019



The Deer Park High School Choir took eight students to the area audition and placed four students in the All-State Choir as well as one alternate.  The DPHS All-State Choir members are: Brendon Buffaloe, Jerren Kennedy, Miriam Manzano, Sebastian Pineda, and alternate Jasmin Campos.  Buffaloe and Manzano are two-time All-State Choir members.


“They have been working on this music since last July and have gone through four auditions and competed against over 15,000 vocalists during the process,” DPHS-South Campus Choir Director Anita Ladd said.  All-State Choir members will perform at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in San Antonio in February.


Congratulations to these students for being recognized for their dedication and hard work! 


DPHS All-State Choir Members (from left) Jerren Kennedy, Miriam Manzano, Brendon Buffaloe, and Sebastian Pineda


DPHS All-State Choir Alternate Jasmin Campos

Counselor Connections: Nail Club

Posted by Jose Perez on 1/22/2019


Nail Club is one of several clubs at DPJH that increase student engagement. This club has been run by counselors at the school for 11 years. It is a place for students to socialize and develop relationships with peers and their counselor. Any girl is welcome to join!

The contributions of counselors and counseling programs toward student development and the overall educational mission of the district are many and varied. The culture and climate of the campus and the social emotional wellbeing of the students are priorities in Deer Park ISD.

The Counselor Connection initiative highlights the implementation of programs which increase student engagement while at the same time strengthens the student’s sense of self and social development. #teamdp



Carpenter Elementary recently held a Prompt & Perfect Attendance Assembly

Posted by Jose Perez on 1/22/2019


Carpenter Elementary recently held a Prompt & Perfect Attendance Assembly! The students competed in an Epic Fornite Dance Battle between all the grade levels.



DWE celebrates literacy night

Posted by Matthew Lucas on 1/18/2019 4:00:00 PM



Deepwater Elementary’s students and staff celebrated the theme, “First they were books…DWE Literacy goes to the Movies,” during yesterday’s literacy night. The school rolled out the red carpet and focused on books that became movies with staff members and the evening’s guest speaker, author/screenwriter Michael Anthony Steele.  Paparazzi captured all the stars as they learned about amazing things to do with reading and writing.