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What does AVID offer?

AVID students learn how to become the best student they can be. The AVID elective class offers a place where students receive support and encouragement from peers and teachers in their academic studies, so that they can be successful in the most rigorous courses possible. All AVID students are required to participate in advanced or honors-level courses, such as Pre-Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement and/or Dual Credit courses. The AVID class offers them the opportunity to learn how to think critically about these challenging courses, so that student learning becomes deeper and more thorough. AVID students receive support and preparation for Advanced Placement exams and college entrance exams, allowing them the opportunity to maximize their scores on these tests. The result is that AVID students often enter college with a number of college credits already on their transcripts in addition to the skills and knowledge that they have attained by participation in these courses.