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AVID Successes

In 2010-2011 (the most recent year for which data is available), AVID students out-performed non-AVID students at their campus on the following state assessments:
  • 7th grade reading
  • 7th grade writing
  • 8th grade reading
  • 8th grade math
  • 8th grade science
  • 8th grade social studies
  • 9th grade ELA
  • 9th grade math
  • 10th grade ELA
  • 10th grade math
  • 10th grade science
  • 10th grade social studies
  • 11th grade ELA
  • 11th grade math
  • 11th grade science
  • 11th grade social studies
*7th and 8th grade results for the ìallî group refers to DWJH only.
When compared to students of similar demographics (Deer Park High School students who were invited to join AVID but who declined the offer), AVID students score higher on the PSAT, take an average of twice the number of advanced courses, have better attendance, lower disciplinary referrals, and a significantly higher GPA.
Over the past 4 years, DPHS graduating AVID students have received more than $600,000 in scholarship offers. The 2012 graduating AVID class received well over $150,000 in scholarship offers.
100% of the 2012 graduating AVID seniors were accepted into 4-year universities.
All AVID students are required to participate in rigorous coursework, such as PAP, AP or Dual-Credit courses. Last year, more AVID students were successful in completing their rigorous coursework than students at DPHS who were not in AVID. Of the students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses, 97% of the AVID students successfully completed these courses with passing grades, as compared to 90% of non-AVID students. Of the students enrolled in Pre-AP courses, 97% of the AVID students were successful in these courses, versus 90% of non-AVID students.