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Recommended Reading for Parents

Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at any Level
Sally Shaywitz, M. D.
Explains for parents and educators how recent scientific breakthroughs are used to understand the cause and treatment of dyslexia. Practical advice and specific resources are given for helping primary and secondary school children with dyslexia become better readers. This book will give you the basics on testing, teaching and choosing a school.
The Dyslexia Handbook—2018 Update: Procedures Concerning Dyslexia and Related Disorders
Outlines state stature, SBOE guidelines, and federal requirements on identifying and providing instruction to students with dyslexia and related disorders.
Straight Talk About Reading
Susan Hall and Louisa Moats
Today’s parents are increasingly concerned about the reading and spelling skills taught in schools and are taking charge of their children’s education. This book provides a resource for parents concerned about children who have difficulty reading. The authors recommend early exposure to reading in order to aid children in their cognitive development and familiarize them with a wide range of vocabulary, the structure of printed words, and story development.
Basic Facts About Dyslexia: What Everyone Ought to Know
Louisa Cook Moats and Karen E. Dakin
This essential resource defines dyslexia and illustrates, with real-life examples, how to recognize dyslexia and other reading problems at various stages of development, from preschool to adulthood. The authors have masterfully selected and distilled the most significant research in the field to create this descriptive and informative resource.
Smart Kids with School Problems
Priscilla Vail
Parents and teachers of gifted students with learning disabilities should be grateful for this definitive work on “conundrum kids” the superb writer who can’t add, the talented speech maker who can’t write legibly. The work covers student through college and deals with the topics of visual learning, motor functioning, auditory learning, and language and learning. Strategies for dealing with standardized tests and the world of college are also included.
Parenting a Struggling Reader
Susan Hall and Louisa C Moats

The Dyslexic Scholar: Helping Your Child Succeed in the School System
Kathleen Nosek

Charlie’s Challenge
Ann Root and Linda Gladden
“This book is an excellent diagnostic tool for parents and educators to explain the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of dyslexia.” Nancy Nussbaum, neuropsychologist