• Deer Park High School – Wolters Campus

    DPHS-WC is a school of choice which provides students in grades 10-12 an opportunity to earn credits toward graduation at an accelerated pace. As a special program under Deer Park High School, students must meet the same credit and state testing requirements to earn their diploma. Classes at Wolters are monitored-paced and designed so that students receive credits as they master and complete the course requirements. Parents and students need to be aware that because the course content for electives is reduced to allow for acceleration, students only receive Alternate grade points for the elective courses taken at Wolters.

    Students in grades 10-12 are eligible to complete an application to be considered for acceptance. Applications are available online and may be submitted electronically directly from the campus website. Paper applications are also available in the counselor’s offices at each high school campus. Once completed, they may be turned into the campus administration at any of the campuses.

    Students enrolled in Wolters may also be eligible to attend classes at the South Campus or San Jacinto Junior College, depending on what best meets an individual’s needs. A student’s transcript will be carefully reviewed to match the student with the most appropriate placement for them to be successful. Please contact the campus administration at DPHS-WC for any additional information.