• Carpenter Elementary now has an "e library".  Go to http://library.esebco.com.  The login is carpenter and the password is CATS (all caps).  Use your students lunch # for the student id# and you can access the new ebooks that we have just purchased.  You can also download the SEBCO app to your iphone, ipod, or ipad.  Use the same login and you can download any of the ebooks to your apple device and have an "ereader".
    Welcome to our eSebco ebooks!

    Students at Carpenter Elementary visit the library one day each week. They are enthusiastically welcomed to the library by Mr. Evans.
    Kindergarten students are allowed to check out 1 book each week while 1st, 2nd students are allowed to check out 2 books. Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are allowed 3 books.  Students may keep the same books 2 weeks if they want, or they can return them after one week and check out new ones. Please check with your child's teacher for which day of the week they will be visiting the library.
    Please report to Mr. Evans any lost or damaged library books as soon as possible.