• JP Dabbs Elementary
    302 E. Lambuth Street
    Deer Park, Texas 77536
    Phone: 832-668-8100
    Fax: 281-930-4910
    History of JP Dabbs
    Dabbs Elementary was built and ready for classes in 1977. The first group of students entered Dabbs in the fall of 1977, with a total enrollment of 601 students. The building was designed and built as an "open concept" building. Over the years, the "open concept" has been modified, with walls being added between grade levels.


    The mission of Dabbs Elementary is to maximize educational opportunities in a safe, secure, and exciting environment where students are successful with the basics and allowed enriching experiences to meet the challenges of the future.


    Our vision is to create a community of independent, life-long learners equipped to:

    • Think critically
    • Make effective use of their multiple intelligences
    • Interact with others cooperatively
    • Read, write, and use mathematics
    • Effectively use various forms of technology
    • Apply higher order thinking skills in both academic and real-life situations
    • Realize and value the connection between school, home, and community