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      Welcome To My Classroom Website
      Name: Adolfo Canon  
                  Apple Teacher Signature  
      Grades: 10th, 11th and 12th
      Subjects:  Algebra II
                     Video Game Programming & Design
      Room Number: RM 2251
                                  Algebra II
                                    Computer Lab 2346
                                 Video Game Programming
                                 & Design  
     Telephone Number: (832) 668-7200
                                      Ext. 72251
                                      Ext. 72346
     Email: acanon@dpisd.org
     Conference Time: 2:11 - 3:03 P.M.
                                     (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)
                                     2:21 - 3:08 P.M. 


    As a teacher, it is my mission to provide and maximize the learning opportunities and experiences that are enjoyable and inspiring to my students, motivate them to become lifelong learners…

            As a teacher, it is my mission to establish collaborative relationship with parents/guardians, co-teachers, administration and others that will reinforce my students’ success in education…

    As a teacher, it is my mission to support the philosophy and policies of the school and district that I am working with, to be an active contributor to the organization’s development, improvement, advancement and accomplishments…

    As a teacher, it is my mission to live up to the expectations of a highly qualified Texas Certified Teacher and support the standards, goals and objectives of the State…

    As a teacher, it is my mission to be zealous to my profession and seek continuous professional growth and development, enhancement of teaching skills and be reflective Mathematics and Computer Science teacher…

    As a teacher it is my mission to lead my life and practice my profession morally, ethically and honorably upright.