• Waiting List Guidelines for Program Acceptance

    Deer Park High School - Wolters Campus is a school of choice with a limited enrollment of approximately 200 students.  Therefore, to accommodate students with the greatest need, a plan is in place to guide student selection and placement.  Students must first complete an application for acceptance.  Once the application has been received, students will be placed on a "waiting list" and considered for acceptance.  Criteria including the number of years a student has been enrolled in high school, age, credits earned and educational need are all part of the application evaluation process.  Below is a list of how years of high school experience is prioritized:

    • 5th year students
    • 4th year students who are behind in credits
    • 4th year students who are trying to graduate early
    • 3rd year students who are behind in credits
    • 3rd year students who are trying to graduate early
    • 2nd year students

    Applicant Review

    Besides academic performance, an applicant's attendance and school discipline will also be periodically reviewed.  Students who have excessive absences or serious school conduct violations may not be admitted into the program.

    9th Grade Students

    Due to the number of students who apply for acceptance, applications from 1st year high school students are not accepted.  Students may apply to be put on the waiting list at the conclusion of their freshman year.

    Out of District Students

    Wolters does not accept applications from students not currently enrolled in DPISD.  Students who live outside the DPISD school attendance zone must first make application to the District as an Open Enrollment student to the South Campus High School.  Only applications from currently enrolled students are considered for acceptance.

    Special Needs

    Students receiving Special Education services will be considered following consultation with the Special Education Department Chair at South Campus.  Placement into the Wolters program must be approved by the student's ARD Committee.  Students identified as English Language Learners will be considered following consultation with the High School LEP Instructional Specialist.

    Notification of Student Acceptance

    While there is a plan in place to guide student selection, Wolters Campus acknowledges that there may be individuals with circumstances that will necessitate accepting them ahead of other students on the list.  Students in grades 10-12 may complete and submit an application (available online) to begin the consideration process at any time.  Due to the nature of the waiting list and our limited enrollment, all students who apply should be made aware that it may take from six-weeks to a semester or more before an opening becomes available.  Students being offered acceptance into the program will be notified in writing by letter or email. All fines and fees must be cleared before being transferred to Wolters.