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      Welcome to English III
    with Mrs. P!
      Name: Sarah Pellot
      Grade/Subject(s): 11th Grade English
      Room Number: 2229
      Phone Number: 832-668-7200 ext. 72229
      Email: spellot@dpisd.org
      Conference Times: M/T/Th/F: 9:43-10:35am
                      & Wed: 9:38-10:25am (2nd period)
    Thank you so much for visiting my webpage! Syllabus should be accessible from the link below! I am so excited to meet my new kiddos. I welcome both emails and phone calls from parents, but I know sometimes we all just need a quick and streamlined way of receiving information!

    Helpful Links!

    • Link to my syllabus: 
    • https://goo.gl/pu4qoZ
      • If you are a parent (or student) and you want the syllabus saved to your computer, feel free to email me and I can send you a .png (picture) file of it. I don't believe there is a good way to save it otherwise if you are not the owner (me). If you figured out a way to do that then great!
      • If you are seeing this but do not have daily access to the internet or just prefer paper, a paper copy will be sent home with the students that request it. So if your student doesn't get one the first day just email or call me or let your child know to tell me!
    • Link to join Remind:
    • http://remind.com/join/ (OR USE THE APP!)
      • This year, every kid is 1:1 with an iPad, so they will most likely use the Remind app to receive notifications and communicate with me. Remind is via email, text messages, or the app. Parents, you can use whichever you like.
      • Remind is an app that I will use to remind students AND parents (who sign up) about upcoming due dates and things going on in my classroom. I HIGHLY recommend that every student and parent signs up!
      • Remind works on a phone or computer and it works with a phone number or email address, or the Remind app. Before you become wary of the exchange of phone numbers, please know that Remind is COMPLETELY anonymous. The phone number that shows up on your phone (seemingly from me) is generated by Remind. No one can text it back and I do not see the numbers kids and parents sign up with, only the name they use.
      • There is a feature in Remind that allows student-teacher or parent-teacher communication. All the numbers still remain anonymous but the kids (or parents) can send messages in the app. It's a great resource for last minute questions for the teacher or help while they are at home!
      • I encourage kids to use their phone number/Remind app to sign up rather than their email because as we all know teens today check text messages more often than email. Just follow the directions on the website and if you have any questions just email me! I will be sending out a welcome message at the end of the first week, and will make the students sign up in class one day that week.