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    By January 2017, every student at DPJH will have an iPad to empower them to learn anywhere at anytime.
    Student Responsibilities
    • Bring your iPad to school fully charged every day
    • Back up your iPad to the cloud frequently (this happens automatically whenever it is plugged in and connected to WiFi)
    • Keep your iPad free of inappropriate images, apps, games, music, and other content
    • Do not change the date/time on the iPad or use a credit card in the App Store (both of these things cause weird issues)
    • Never install an iOS that is still in beta, jailbreak your iPad, etc.
    • Stay on task in class and follow classroom, district, and school rules
    • Keep your iPad safe by keeping it in its case, away from food, drink, extreme temperature, etc.
    • Report technical issues, loss, or damage immediately 
    Parent Responsibilities
    • Know your student's pass code and passwords so you can frequently monitor activity on the iPad
    • Consider having a charging station in a supervised location at home to ensure the iPad has a reasonable bedtime
    • Consider filtering your home WiFi.  The school's filters do not apply to your home WiFi, which means that websites that are blocked on DPJH's WiFi are accessible on other networks, even when accessed on a school device.
    • Look at the apps, content, and activity on your student's iPad regularly (especially social media, email, and photos)
    • When the iPad is being misused, you have every right to restrict your student's home use.  The iPad still needs to come to school, and can stay here if needed.
    • Communicate with teachers or the campus technology specialist as needed to address concerns or issues