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      Welcome to Mrs. Espree's Classroom Website
     Name: Denee` Espree
     Grade/Subject(s): 11th Grade English
     Room Number: 2225
     Phone Number: 832-668-720 ext 72225
     Email: despree@dpisd.org
     Tutorials: Mon. - Thurs. 8am - 8:45am
    REMIND 101 Codes:

    1st  @9DCKEB

    2nd @A7A8E6

    3rd  @FK9GEB

    4th  @ADDD74

    6th  @46AHBA

    7th  @F8G38B

    I am a Deer Park High School Graduate and am so excited to be teaching here at home. I am married to a wonderful man; together we have 4 beautiful children. 11th grade English is my favorite subject to teach as it is a survey of American Literature. I am looking forward to a stellar year.