• Roubi  
      Welcome to Mrs. Roubi's Classroom Website
      Name: Mrs. Roubi, Yani
      Grade/Subject(s): Commercial Photography
      Room Number:2351
      Phone Number:832-668-7200 Ext: 82351
      Conference Times: 10:45 am to 11:30 am (3rd period)

    Commercial Photography and Photojournalism will help the students become well rounded in the fundamentals of digital photography. Students will develop mastery of concept, composition, and execution. In addition, photo editing software and other software will be applied to create photographic materials.

    Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to enter several photography contests and exhibitions through the year. The goal of the class is not only to learn but also to come out with an employable skill using photography.

    Each lesson is graded on aesthetics, following directions and objectives, creativity and presentation.