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    "All of life is a constant education."
    -Eleanor Roosevelt
    "When you catch a glimpse of your 
                          potential, that's when passion is born." 
    -Zig Ziglar 

    Welcome to our class website!

    Enjoy the links...a lot of learning and fun;-) 



    Mrs. Jocelyn Collins
     Fourth Grade Teacher
    Literacy Lead
     Yearbook Coordinator
       Room 312
    Subjects: English Language 
    Arts and Social Studies
    Phone: 832.668.8300
    Email: jcollins@dpisd.org
       I hope you enjoy our class website!  Please always feel free to contact me by email or phone with any questions or concerns.
    This will begin my 24th year to teach 4th graders, and I am just as excited as ever to work with our  students and families!