• Student Council 2017-2018

    Student Council is an organization that gets students involved in their school and community. Each fourth and fifth grade class will have a student council representative that is elected in their homeroom. Below are the names of the representatives for this year.


    Kaylene G

    Kailey G (Vice President)

    Alayna R

    Barbara R

    Victoria M

    Greenlee S

    Aldo A

    Zaylah G

    Candace L

    Isabella F

    Valerie H

    Kevin V

    Santiago G

    Cristofer B

    Luis G

    Lorissa R

    Abby T

    Damian S ( Vice President)

    Diamond D

    Estrella Z

    Miranda C

    Valeria M

    Bella R (President)

    Kyla C

    Jaelyn R

    Ximena B

    Xochilt P

    Aldo S

    Giovann C

  • Upcoming Student Council Events


    Christmas Food Drive - November 27th -December 14th


    ECC Buddy Reading November 15th


    ECC Buddy Reading December 13th