Mrs. Marshall
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      Name: Tracy Marshall
      Grade/Subject:K-5 Gifted and Talented
      Phone Number:832-668-5210
                                   Chess Club
                              Rubik's Cube Club
    I provide a differentiated curriculum for identified gifted/talented students through a pullout program in grades K-5.  Students in grades K-2 attend class once a week for one hour, and students in grades 3-5 attend class twice a week for a total of two hours.  
    The focus of the K-2 curriculum includes:
    • creativity
    • math, logic and reasoning
    • advanced literacy
    The focus of the 3-5 curriculum includes:
    • creativity
    • leadership/fine arts
    • Texas Performance Standards Project
    • math, logic and reasoning
    Never let the fear of striking out
    Keep you from playing the game!