Early Childhood Center

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ECC Library
                     Maxson                              Alcala
            Michelle Maxson - Librarian           Glafira Alcala - Library Assistant
                    mmaxson@dpisd.org                                galcala@dpisd.org
               phone (832) 688-8397
ECC Library Mission
  • to be a foundation in the use of books for learning & enjoyment
  • to  be a foundation for life long learning & curosity
  • to be a foundation for language skills
The Deer Park Early Childhood Center provides students the opportunity to check out library books and participate in storytime. If a student has an overdue, lost or damaged book, they are not allowed to checkout any book until the problem is solved. If a "lost and paid" for book is found, the money for the book will be returned. An 'overdue notice' will be sent home with the price of the lost item.