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    Welcome to Joni Kremer's
    Classroom Website
     Name:     Joni Kremer
     Room Number:       164
       Phone Number:    832-668-7400 ext 74164
     Email:                         jvkremer@dpisd.org
      Conference Times:  M,T,Th,F
                                                                     2:11 - 3:03
                                2:21 - 3:08

    Last updated:  6/20/2017

    • Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Math Models, Algebraic Reasoning, College Prep, & Pre-Calculus are on-line courses.  To complete correctly, you must watch the instructional videos, read the notes (watch the videos within the notes) and print and complete the assignment.  You will be given a grade sheet to keep track of your progress.

    • Math Models (for students who have not passed TAKS or STAAR),  Advanced Topics, some Algebra I courses and some Geometry courses are NOT computer courses, so you will not need your computer in those classes.

    • Each student should complete at least one unit each week to be on pace. Stay on the pacing chart given to you at the beginning of each course.  Keep track of your progress.
    • If a student is in more than one class period, he/she should complete 1.5 to 2 packets each week