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    Updated on 8/12/2018
    Math Inclusion Teacher 
    Room Number: 11
    Phone Number:  832-668-7700 ext 77011
    Email: tharness@dpisd.org
    Conference:  9:13 - 10:08 a.m.




    Math book  
    Instructions to get  math book APP for
           iPhone  , Android, Tablet
     Graphing Calculator APP (8th graders only)

     Android Phone Graphing Calculator App!  
          Download Wabbitemu from the App store for free!
          Use the TI-84 PLUS.  
          Tell it to download the ROM after selecting calculator.
    Website for downloads for calculator.   ( I went to the app store but saw this on the internet, however, I did not use this site to download version on phone.)
     (There is now an app for the ipad, however, it cost $30 and I'm not sure if it looks like the  the calculator. This app is listed under Texas Instruments.)