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    AP Calculus AB


    AP Calculus AB 

    AP Calculus AB  10:41-11:36
    AP Calculus AB  11:42-12:37
     C Lunch  12:37-1:07
    PAP-Pre Calculus  1:13-2:05
    PAP-Pre Calculus  2:11-3:03
    Conference and Calculus Tutorials  3:08-4:00
    Name: Tim McKee
    Grade/Subject(s): AP Calculus AB
    South Campus Room Number: 2303
    Email: tmckee@dpisd.org
    Skype:  McKee227
    Conference Times: M-F 7th period 832-668-7200 x72303
    Need Help with math?  Mr. McKee is available before school, during C Lunch, during 7th period, chess club (Thursday Nights at Burger Tex, 6:30-9:00).  You can also reach Mr. McKee via Skype using his screenname McKee227

    "Never lose a holy curiosity" -A. Ei