• The Big6™ Research Process
    Deer Park Independent School District supports The Big6™approach to teaching information and technology skills involved in the research process for grades 3-12. For k-2, we follow the Super3™process, the early childhood version of The Big6™.

    The Big6™ promotes a systematic approach to information problem-solving  and critical thinking using six broad skill areas. This process can be used by librarians, teachers, and instructional specialists to help learners gain information literacy while providing understanding beyond being able to locate resources in a library. 

    Steps in The Big6™

    1. Task Definition
    2. Information Seeking Strategies
    3. Location & Access
    4. Use of Information
    5. Synthesis
    6. Evaluation

    Steps in Super3™

    1. Plan (Beginning)
    2. Do (Middle)
    3. Review (End)

    The Big6™ used with permission and copyright © (1987) by Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. For more information, visit: www.big6.com