• Evaluating Web Sites

    Using Word 2007 to Evaluate Your Web Site

    When using the “Free Web” (aka Google) you will need to make your own citation in Word 2007. While you are doing this you can also easily evaluate the chosen website and decide whether to continue using it or move on to another. Word 2007 has a template to help you do both of these. 

    Open Microsoft Office Word:

    Click the Reference Tab/Citations & Bibliography>Style(change to MLA)>Insert Citation >Add a new source>check box to show All Bibliography Fields>change source to Web site

    Fill in as many of the blanks as possible while searching on your chosen website. Most of this information will be found on the home page of the web site, if it is there at all.

    If you find that you cannot fill in most of the required blanks, it’s time to change websites.  Not having that information for a citation means that the source is not the most reliable and will probably not give you much information.  Do not waste any more time on it.

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