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    Definition: Historical fiction is fiction that is based on historical events or people.  Although some facts may be true, most of the story is fictionalized.

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    Everybody section:

    Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek (E HOP)

    The All I'll Ever Want Christmas Doll (E MCK)

    The Buffalo Soldier

    (E GAR)

    The Cats of Krasinski Square

    (E HES)

    Coming on Home Soon

    (E WOO)

    Dangerous Crossing: The

    Revolutionary Voyage of John

    Quincy Adams (E KRE)

    Dear Mr. Rosenwald

    (E WEA)

    The Escape of Oney Judge

    (E MCC)

    Henry's Freedom Box

    (E LEV)

    Hush Harbor: Praying in Secret

    (E EVA)

    John Phillip Duck

    (E POL)

    The Long Trail

    (E HOP)

    Moses: When Harriet Tubman

    Lead Her People to Freedom

    (E WEA)

    La osa menor : una historia del ferrocarril subterráneo

    (ESP E MON)

    Pink and Say
    (E POL)
    Pink y Say
    (ESP E POL)
    Ruby's Wish
    ( E BRI)
    Show Way
    (E WOO)
    The Storyteller's Candle
    (E GON)
    That Book Woman
    (E HEN)
    The Toughest Cowboy or
    How the Wild West was
    Tamed (E FRA)

    Fiction Chapter books:

    Across the Blue Pacific: a World War II Story

    (F BOR)

    Al Capone Does My Shirts

    (F CHO)

    Black Storm Coming

    (F WIL)

    Blood on the River: Jamestown
    1607 (F CAR)
    The American Girls Collection
    (various authors)
    La Dama de Cobre
    (F ROS)
    Elijah of Buxton
    (F CUR)

    The Earth Dragon Awakes:
    the San Fransisco Earthquake
    of 1906 (F YEP)

    Esperanza Renace
    (F RYA)
    Esperanza Rising
    (F RYA)
    Here Lies the Librarian
    (F PEC)
    Racing to Freedom Trilogy
    (F HAR)
    (F WIL)
    Hubert Invents the Wheel
    (F MON)
    Knight for a Day
    (F MCM)
    El Lector
    (F DUR)
    Little House Series
    (F WIL)
    The Sign of the Beaver
    (F SPE)
    Sarah, Plain and Tall
    (F MAC)
    (F PAU)
    Number the Stars
    (F LOW)