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New buses = new bus numbers

Deer Park ISD’s Transportation Department is very excited to announce that the District’s new buses have recently arrived and are ready to hit the streets.  Several schools will be affected by the new fleet.  They are as follows:


Dabbs Elementary

Carpenter Elementary

Deepwater Elementary

Deer Park Elementary

Early Childhood Center

Fairmont Elementary

San Jacinto Elementary

Bonnette Junior High

Deer Park Junior High

Fairmont Junior High

Deer Park High School-North Campus (including Flex and Shuttle runs)

Deer Park High School-South Campus (including Flex and Shuttle runs)


Bus numbers that have changed are as follows:


Bus 235 is now Bus 35

Bus 90 is now Bus 4

Bus 72 is now Bus 5

Bus 74 is now Bus 6

Bus 82 is now Bus 7

Bus 73 is now Bus 9

Bus 98 is now Bus 23

Bus 94 is now Bus 32

Bus 62 is now Bus 3

Bus 95 is now Bus 34

Bus 236 is now Bus 36

Bus 243 is now Bus 43


Bus routes have not changed.  Only bus numbers have changed in the cases listed above.