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Preparing schools for students to safely return

We’d like to share some additional facts for parents and community members regarding the past week:


Deer Park ISD participated in at least one conference call with emergency officials each day (sometimes several calls a day).


The District was in frequent contact with the City of Deer Park’s Office of Emergency Management.


On Tuesday, when school was in session, teachers and other employees worked hard to establish normal routines for students who were at school.


On days when there was the potential for air quality to be less than favorable and school was canceled, the air handlers at our schools and other facilities were inactive.


When it’s time for children to safely return to school, buildings will be ready for them. Our maintenance team members are working this weekend to address the following needs:


• Team members are replacing school air filters. They have already been replaced at San Jacinto Elementary, Deer Park High School-North Campus, and Deer Park Junior High. Crews are currently working at the Deepwater-area schools.


• Maintenance team members are also washing down playground equipment to make it clean and safe for students when they return.


• Maintenance employees are also walking school grounds to identify additional needs.


• Air systems will be activated prior to students returning so that stagnant air can cycle through the air handlers, eliminating odors and refreshing the air inside the buildings.


Please note: No decision has been made about whether or not school will resume on Monday.