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Message from the Superintendent - Missed instructional days

03.27.19 - 4:30 p.m.


The following message was sent to all Deer Park ISD parents today using the District's Skylert parent communication system.




Dear Parent/Guardian,


As you know, students returned to school on Monday, and I am happy to report that things have been running remarkably well this week.  Students and staff settled back into their regular routines, and the sound of children once again fills the halls.


Of course, the concern with missing several days of school is whether or not we will be required to make up the lost instructional time.  We have been discussing the matter with the state since last Tuesday, and we have been informed that the commissioner of education will grant us a waiver for two of the four missed instructional days.  That means, according to the state, we are responsible for making up the remaining two days.


In the past, the District would have to choose from a selection of undesirable options, such as holding school on days that are listed as holidays on our calendar, adding days to the end of the school year, or holding school on Saturday.


However, thanks to careful planning on the part of our administration and Board of Trustees, we have a better option available to us.  When we created our 2018-19 calendar, we built extra minutes into it in case we had to cancel school because of bad weather or some other emergency.  We have enough extra instructional time to cover the two missed instructional days. 


In other words, thanks to the waiver from the state and the extra minutes in our calendar, we do not have to make up any extra instructional time.  This fantastic news means that we can finish the school year without changing our calendar.  Thus, holidays on April 19 and May 27 remain as such, and the last day of school and high school graduation will take place as scheduled on May 24.


Once again, thank you for your understanding and patience.  We simply could not have faced the challenges of last week or our return to school this week without your support.



Victor E. White, Jr.

Superintendent of Schools