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Fairmont PTO


Here are your new 2016-17 Executive Officers and Board Members:

Amanda Weber - President - fairmontpto1@yahoo.com

Jennifer Atkins - Vice-President - fairmontpto2@yahoo.com

Heather Twitty - Secretary - fairmotpto3@yahoo.com

Mandy Mohammed - Treasurer - fairmontpto4@yahoo.com

Danielle Keeling - Community Relations - fairmontpto5@yahoo.com

Stephanie Patrisso - Historian - fairmontpto6@yahoo.com

Patricia Mills - Board Member - (Sock Hop Co-Chair) - fairmontpto7@yahoo.com

Monica Schoultz - Board Member (Santa Store Co-Chair) fairmontpto8@yahoo.com

Pearl Robb - Board Member (Santa Store Co-Chair)- fairmontpto9@yahoo.com

Ashley Bounds - Board Member (Carnival Co-Chair) - fairmontpto10@yahoo.com

Shenaye Montgomery - Board Member (Fundraiser Co-Chair)- fairmontpto11@yahoo.com

Holly Kurth - Board Member (Skate Party Chair) - fairmontpto12@yahoo.com

Dimitra Hadburg - Board Member (Carnival Co-Chair) - fairmontpto13@yahoo.com

Amber Stuart - Board Member - fairmontpto14@yahoo.com


We are excited for the 2016-17 school year and look forward to a successful year!


PTO Agenda/Minutes: