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Our mission is to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges.
By January 2017, every student in DPISD will have an iPad to empower them to learn anywhere at anytime.
Student Responsibilities:
  • Bring your iPad to school fully charged every day
  • Back up your iPad to the cloud frequently (this happens automatically whenever it is plugged in and connected to WiFi)
  • Keep your iPad free of inappropriate images, apps, games, music, and other content
  • Do not change the date/time on the iPad or use a credit card in the App Store (both of these things cause weird issues)
  • Never install an iOS that is still in beta, jailbreak your iPad, etc.
  • Stay on task in class and follow classroom, district, and school rules
  • Keep your iPad safe by keeping it in its case, away from food, drink, extreme temperature, etc.
  • Report technical issues, loss, or damage immediately 
Parent Responsibilities:
  • Know your student's pass code and passwords so you can frequently monitor activity on the iPad
  • Consider having a charging station in a supervised location at home to ensure the iPad has a reasonable bedtime
  • Consider filtering your home WiFi. The school's filters do not apply to your home WiFi, which means that websites that are blocked on the DPISD WiFi are accessible on other networks, even when accessed on a school device.
  • Look at the apps, content, and activity on your student's iPad regularly (especially social media, email, and photos)
  • When the iPad is being misused, you have every right to restrict your student's home use.  The iPad still needs to come to school, and can stay here if needed.
  • Communicate with teachers or the campus technology specialist as needed to address concerns or issues
Frequently Asked Questions 
At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, every seventh and eighth grader in Deer Park ISD will be issued a district-owned iPad to use in class and at home. The plan now is for sixth graders to receive their iPad in January. We are so excited about all of the great opportunities this new 1:1 initiative allows! Here are some answers to some questions you may have:
Why is the district giving me an iPad?
DPISD is committed to preparing today's students for tomorrow's challenges. As part of that preparation, we are empowering you to learn anywhere at anytime with an iPad. We are empowering your teachers to engage you in a new way and redefine their instruction.
Do I get to take it home? 
YES! Once you've paid your $50 fee, you can take your iPad home! You are responsible for taking care of it, though.
When do I get my iPad?
You will get your iPad in your LA class during the first week of school if you're in 7th or 8th grade or in January if you're in 6th grade.
Do I have my own Apple ID?
Yes. The district will give you an Apple ID that you will use with your school iPad. DPISD has a way that we can pay for certain non-free apps for you using something called Self-Service. You will be in charge of downloading and updating apps as needed for school using either Self-Service or the App Store. If you'd like to buy your own apps, you will need to use an iTunes gift card. Using a credit card or even a Visa gift card will make your iPad do weird things and not work right.
What all do I get?
You get an iPad, a case, and a charger. You are responsible for turning it all back in in good condition at the end of the year. You'll probably want to get your own earbuds and a stylus. We have some for sale in the library.   

What happens if it breaks?

The first time, assuming it was accidental, we'll give you a break, since you paid the initial $50 iPad fee. The second time, though, you have to pay another $50.

What happens if it gets lost?     

The first time, you'll pay 50% of the replacement cost. The second time, you'll pay the full cost of replacing it. 
What do I have to do?
There's a $50 fee and some paperwork to sign at the beginning of the year.  After that, you are expected to be a responsible digital citizen and use the iPad appropriately, as well as bringing it fully-charged to school every day.  
What will we use it for?
We will be using them in class for assignments, warm-ups, research, assessments, homework, projects, and more just about every day.
If I lose my power cord, can I just go buy another one and turn it in to you at the end of the year?   
We'd prefer the original, but if necessary, you can replace it yourself with the correct style of charger from the Apple store or pay a $35 replacement fee to the school district.
If I want to buy a pink (colored) power cord, is that okay?    
Yes, you are welcome to use a different power cord at home, but at the end of the year, we need the original one back, not the pink one. 
Can I put my social media apps on my iPad?    
Some of them are district-approved, like Twitter, but keep these things in mind:
  • When you use social media, use it responsibly and maturely. Remember, anything you post is permanent.
  • When you are at school, you'll be on the school's WiFi, so many social media sites and apps will be blocked.
  • If there is a distraction or problem, your teacher has the right to remove the app from your iPad.
When I put my personal apps on the iPad do I use my personal Apple ID or the Apple ID the school gives me?     
The Apple ID provided by the school is the only Apple ID that should be used on your school iPad. DO NOT use a credit card or even a Visa gift card to purchase apps on your district iPad. You may use an iTunes gift card if that is something you want to do, but using anything else will make your iPad do weird things and not work right. 
Can I put a passcode on the iPad?    
Absolutely, it's required, actually. In the event that you forget your passcode, your teacher will have the means to clear your passcode so you can reset it.
How much do I have to pay to get an iPad?     
$50.  You'll pay at the beginning of the year, with all the other usual fees.