Fairmont Junior High

Deer Park Independent School District

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Dress Code Reminders


Dress Code Reminders



1.      Any pants that fit like leggings will be treated as leggings. They must be worn with a top that comes past the student's fingertips.


2.      All hair color must be a natural color. Students cannot have designs shaved or cut into their hair.


3.      Only girls can wear earrings. No other piercings are allowed to be worn with jewelry. No gauges.


4.      All shorts and dresses must be long enough to reach halfway between the student's extended fingertips and knees.

5.      All clothing must be appropriately sized for each student.


6.      Jeans and pants cannot be worn with holes above the knees.


7.      Clothing cannot display images of skulls, weapons, or any other items prohibited from campus.