Deer Escort Colonel to perform at presidential inauguration ball

Posted by Jeri Martinez on 1/9/2017 1:00:00 PM



A once in a lifetime opportunity arose for Deer Park High School Deer Escort Colonel Ashley F. just after Thanksgiving: the chance to perform at this year’s presidential inauguration ball for newly-elected president, Donald Trump.


“I was supposed to participate in majestic court that night, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity,” said Ashley.


Twenty-five All-State dancers from Texas were invited to dance at the inauguration ball, and Ashely is one from the Houston area.


“I’m really excited, because I didn’t expect this opportunity at all…it’s kind of surreal,” she said.


Ashley will be leaving on Jan. 17 to travel to Washington D.C. to prepare for the dance routine with the 24 other dancers. They will also do some sight-seeing. The inauguration ball is scheduled for the night of Jan. 19.


“I’m not sure what to expect, but the organizers did say to expect up to a 1,000 politicians, celebrities, and a possible appearance by the newly-elected president,” she said.


Ashley is the first Deer Escort to represent Deer Park in a presidential inauguration.


“I’m honored, because I would have never thought I would be representing this town on such a big scale,” she said. “I’ll be wearing my Escort uniform and a sash that says I’m from Deer Park.”


“We are very proud to have Ashley representing our organization, our school, and our city,” said Deer Escorts Director Kristi Morrison. “She is an excellent representation of our program, and we are elated that she will be able to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity. We are excited for her to show America how great of a fine arts program we have at Deer Park.”