Dow donates frogs for BJH dissection day

Posted by Matthew Lucas on 5/10/2019



Thanks to a donation from The Dow Chemical Company’s Deer Park facility, seventh-grade students at Bonnette Junior High were able to experience a time-honored tradition in science labs across the country: frog dissection day.


“We received a grant from them to purchase our frogs, and Dow volunteers were here all day helping us with the dissection,” BJH Science Department Chairperson Mandy Addicks said.  Dow provided 70 frogs and gloves for students, who worked in small groups.  Company volunteers Renan De Amorim, Dana Buse, Mayra Cochran, Antonio Marroquin, Aaron Lopez, and Krystian Perez visited the school and assisted students during the lesson.


Predictably, the experience resulted in a variety of responses by students, from curiosity to disgust to concern.  “Taking out the heart and the stomach was my favorite part,” student Gabriel Lopez said.  “I didn’t know that they had eggs everywhere inside, and they had another liver.”


Teacher Kelsey Swor overheard her students discussing the possibility of one day becoming surgeons.  “There are tons of careers in the medical field, and the people in those jobs started off as seventh-graders in a science class doing something like this,” Swor told her students. “So, if you were really into this, maybe that’s a field that you would want to push toward.”


Dow volunteer Lopez, a Dow civil structural engineer, said these are the kind of activities that Dow enjoys supporting as part of the company's global mission to engage the community.  “We’re partnering with the schools for a variety of activities,” he said.  “Our employee resource group said, ‘Let’s go do some volunteering.  Let’s do something really good in the community.’ At the beginning of the year, we talked with the teachers about how we can help.  This frog dissection day was one of those discussions."


The BJH Parent Teacher Organization also provided several volunteers to help with the lesson.