My Blog Promises

Posted by David Elbert on 8/21/2013

   Well, I know I didn’t get this up as soon as I would have liked, but after hearing my students say, “When are you going to get a blog?” for some time I finally decided to join the party. I know many of you might be skeptical about blogs. Critics say that the blogosphere only allows the uninteresting to fill the Internet with mundane and self-important ramblings. Well, don’t worry kids; you’ll never feel that way about my ramblings! To make sure that this blog is a good tool for you I have come up with THREE BLOGGING PROMISES OF QUALITY!

1)    I will do my best to keep this site updated regularly with information that will help you (or your child) study, improve their grades, and have positive reading experiences. So, keep checking in and sharing the information with your parents. Also, I am a big supporter of free speech so feel free to comment any time you want.

2)     I would like for all my students to help me make this blog something that can help them. If there is ever anything you would like posted up here that can help you let me know, and I will post as soon as possible.

3)    I will add many links to my blog that will link to other blogs that link to other blogs that link to…..Can you guess it?!?

Thank you for stopping by and welcome once again, dear readers! I know you can’t wait for my next installment. Honestly, neither can I!