Board of Trustees

The DPISD Board of Trustees is here to serve you.
Please feel free to contact the Board of Trustees via e-mail or to obtain addresses and phones numbers for the Board of Trustees click here.
Rhonda Lowe
Position 1
Vice President
Term expires 2024
Lee Giddens
Position 2
Term expires 2024
Jason Cable
Position 3
Assistant Secretary
Term expires 2024
Lynn Kirkpatrick
Position 4
Term expires 2022
Ken Donnell
Position 5
Term expires 2022
Jason Morris
Position 6
Term expires 2023
Brenda Cothran
Position 7
Term expires 2023


Stephen Harrell
Superintendent of Schools
Ronda Kouba, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent for Instruction
Steve Corry
Assistant Superintendent for Administration

David Edgar
Assistant Superintendent for Business Services
Tiffany Regan, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Janet Byers
Coordinator for Superintendent and Board Services