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Support Documentation

  • Scan invoice and e-mail to [email protected]. Please do not hold invoices. Write the PO# on the invoice (if not already on it) before you scan it.
  • Do not delete scanned items on the receiving record.  They need to be there for documentation purposes for the Auditors.
  • Send an extra copy of the registration form, remits, shopping carts, or any other item that needs to be mailed with the check 
  • Make sure the RFP form is completely filled out (including the correct vendor number) and approved with all signatures before you send to AP.  If you need a new vendor set up, contact Purchasing. Please do not send to AP without a vendor number because it will be sent back to you.
  • Send a copy of all REGISTRATION forms on a Request for Pay.  Do not use a Purchase Order for registrations.
  • When emailing an RFP to the AP inbox please put RFP in the subject line.
  • Write all special instructions in the comments section of the RFP.  DO NOT attach a sticky note with the special instructions,  it may fall off.  
  • Submit one invoice per RFP. Please stamp date/initial packing slips. If you do not have a packing slip, please stamp the invoice. We will not accept statements, order receipts or quotes. 
  • Please let AP know if there is an issue with a PAST DUE invoice when following up. AP will be glad to help resolve issues. 
  • Please let AP know if you are expecting a credit for an invoice.
  • Do not use highlighters on your invoices that you attach in MUNIS. If you feel you need to ONLY use YELLOW. When we scan our paperwork, the colors scan as black and are unreadable. Also, do not use colored paper for the same reason.
  • Please respond to AP follow up emails. We would like to have notes ready for the vendor when they call for payment status