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Curriculum Philosophy

Profiles of Success

The goal of Deer Park ISD is to provide programs of learning for all subjects and grade levels. Curriculum coordinators, content experts, master teachers and administrators collaborate to ensure that students are provided with the instruction they need within the time required. Deer Park embraces brain based-teaching and learning philosophies that encourage hands on learning, small group work, and extensive questioning strategies. Vocabulary acquisition strategies and writing across all areas of the curriculum are cornerstones of our instructional planning.
Our curriculum documents ensure that instruction is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and to testing required by the state of Texas. Benchmark assessments and curriculum based assessments (CBA’s) are administered regularly to help teachers identify gaps in teaching and learning in order to adjust instruction and provide individual assistance as needed. A student’s response to intervention (RtI) is determined on an individual basis through close progress monitoring and data collection.

District Belief Statements

  1. Students are the focal point of the educational process and the resources of the District must be directed toward what is best for students.
  2. The education of children is a shared responsibility. The school system and those who work in it are accountable to the students, parents, and community for what and how students are taught. Parents are responsible for supporting the education of their children, providing an orderly learning environment in the home, and raising their children with love, discipline and respect.
  3. A quality learning experience can only be provided in an environment in which each student feels safe, secure, valued, and respected.
  4. The highly competitive, ever-changing world of tomorrow demands that each citizen be successful in meeting intellectual, economic, civic, social and ethical challenges.
  5. Each student is entitled to and has the potential to benefit from a well-rounded educational program stressing fundamental academic skills as well as skills and knowledge in reasoning, citizenship, personal responsibility, interpersonal relations, and the use of technology.
  6. Everything can be improved, and everyone involved in the Deer Park schools must continually strive to make our schools a better place for students.
  7. Collaboration in the decision-making process ensures that stakeholders are heard, divergent views are considered, ownership in solutions is available, and differences are respected.
  8. Quality educators are a critical component of a quality school system, and the Deer Park schools must continue to seek out, employ, and retain the very best educators.
  9. All people deserve courtesy and respect, and people are most productive in an environment characterized by trust, openness, and integrity.
  10. Trust in the financial management of the District is paramount, and Trustees and administrators must demonstrate good stewardship of the District’s financial resources.