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Contact Coach Ramsey via email for all questions and concerns regarding our Summer Training Programs at [email protected].
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Summer Training Programs

24 SESSION Summer Training Programs specifically designed for...


HIGH SCHOOL - Football, Volleyball, or Olympic Sports Sessions

Include Strength, Conditioning AND Sport Specific Training


HIGH SCHOOL - Aquatics and Track Session include ONLY Strength Training


JUNIOR HIGH - All Sports Sessions

Include Strength, Conditioning AND Sport Specific Training



For more information regarding the various Summer Training Programs that Deer Park Strength & Conditioning provides, click HERE to be redirected to our Summer Training Program (STP) Brochures page.  You will see the STP calendar, sessions available, cost, what to bring, and other relevant information.


To register for a Summer Training Program, click HERE. to be redirected to our Summer Training Program (STP) Registration page.  You will be able to be directed to our Summer Camp information in Rank One to register.

DPSC Weight Room Doors

The mission of the Deer Park Strength and Conditioning Program is to provide well researched instruction and motivation to the athletes of Deer Park ISD.  The program assists in the physical and mental development of Deer Park athletics to allow its athletes to compete at the highest level while minimizing the risk and severity of injuries.

The philosophy of the Deer Park Strength and Conditioning Program is to create complete athletes by developing explosive power, absolute strength, muscular endurance, speed and quickness, flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular fitness.  The program achieves these measured athletic qualities from the use of Olympic lifts and their variations along with other exercises containing plyometric properties, high intensity total body strength building exercises, controlled recovery time, movement preparatory exercises, detailed body control and positioning critique methods, and researched periodization.

If you are interested in an internship at Deer Park Strength & Conditioning, please contact Troy Ramsey, Head Strength & Conditioning coach.  Click HERE for more internship information.