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HIGH SCHOOL - Football, Volleyball, or Olympic Sports Sessions

Include Strength, Conditioning AND Sport Specific Training


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Include Strength, Conditioning AND Sport Specific Training


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Our Philosophy

In modern day athletics, performance enhancement training has become a necessity to compete at the highest level in sport.  The design of our summer program is to provide Deer Park High ISD Athletes (incoming 7th through 12th grades) of ALL SPORTS with the knowledge necessary to maximize their physiological potential.


During the summer, we train all of our athletes through specific drills that will help develop the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes.  Various speed, agility, and quickness techniques will guide the athletes through the beginning stages, progressing each week to its finish.


It is important to understand that this is NOT a football camp, softball camp, boot camp, or cross-fit workout.  The design of our summer training program is to improve the athletic performance of all athletes.  We are not building body builders, power lifters, or cross-fit competitors.  We are here to BUILD ATHLETES.  


Our coaches will not only teach the essentials of strength and conditioning, but we will also strive to promote hard work, dedication, team work, and the tenacity to overcome the mental and physical demands that can occur while training.


As an athletic department, we are trying to foster an environment that promotes positive reinforcement to encourage our young athletes in everything they do.  Therefore, we expect each athlete to follow the rules in accordance with DPISD.  In addition, we ask each athlete to participate to his or her best ability.  If an athlete will not follow the basic rules and procedures, we will ask the athlete to leave.



About Our Program

The Deer Park Summer Training Program is available to all current Deer Park ISD athletes (incoming 7th through 12th grades).  The design of our program is to give our athletes the opportunity to gain a competitive edge through strength and conditioning.  ALL ATHLETES will benefit from this camp and are encouraged to attend.


Every athlete will participate in a dynamic warm-up to develop joint stability and flexibility, as well as balance, coordination, and body awareness.  We will do this before moving into the weight room for strength training or onto the speed, agility, and quickness development stations.


We base all speed and agility development training on developing the TOTAL ATHLETE.  Included in this facet of training will be drills to improve proper movement mechanics, first step quickness, explosive power, speed, agility, and deceleration (injury prevention).


Athletes will receive an individualized, well-balanced strength program designed with an emphasis on technique and sound mechanics to aide in the prevention of injuries and improvement of sports performance.


Our staff of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists have over 20 years of experience designing and implementing programs for athletes participating in Junior High School, High School, and Division 1 Collegiate athletics as well as world-class Olympic athletes.  The coaching staff at Deer Park implement all our programs.  This gives our athletes a unique opportunity to continue to develop relationships with their coaches outside of their particular sport.



Why is Our Program Important

We are fully aware of the many activities that you may have planned for your athlete(s) during the summer break, and we want them to have a great summer.  During the course of the school year we test each of our teams 4 times.  Without a doubt, our athletes get faster, stronger, and more explosive.  Furthermore, when we test in May, we routinely show our best test scores.  However, when they return in August, we find that the ones who did not continue to work on their athleticism all summer (not just sport skills), generally show test scores that are back to where they were during the previous November test.  Some even the August test of the previous year.  We must continue to strive to get faster, stronger, and more explosive annually.  Continuing strength and conditioning along with sport specific training during the summer break is essential.




Why Should JH Students Participate

Research indicates that development of maximum coordination occurs between the ages of 9 and 13, and that most young athletes who are involved only with sports are lacking in proper flexibility, range of motion, body coordination, and strength of muscle and connective tissue.  With a proper strength and conditioning program, young athletes can reduce the chances of injury, stay healthy, and become successful at their sport.


We want to assure you that our goal is not to find out how much our Junior High athletes can lift, but rather HOW they lift, HOW they run, and HOW they change direction.  Developing these good habits at an early age will put them years ahead of where our current high school athlete entered into the program.