Employee Assistance Program

Disability Resource Services - Benefit available to all Regular Employees
- 24/7 Assistance with depression, substance abuse, legal/financial concerns, stress management,     etc.
- Includes up to 3 in-person sessions with a counselor, per person, per issue, per year
- Website: www.guidanceresources.com or By Phone: 866-899-1363
- Company ID: DNDRS
Travel Resource Service - Benefit available to all Regular Employees
- For employee and immediate household traveling more than 100 miles from home
- Traveling for Business or Leisure
- 24/7 Travel Support
- Includes items such as: Medical Emergency Evacuation/Return Home,
  Medical Monitoring, Interpretation/Translation Services, Dependent Children Assistance, Emergency     Travel Arrangements, etc.
- By Phone: 877-715-2593
Beneficiary Resource Services - Benefit available to all Regular Employees
- Online Will Preparation
- Online Funeral Planning
- Counseling for Beneficiaries available for up to one year after a loss and includes unlimited phone
- Up to 5 in-person sessions for grief counseling or legal/financial information
- Website: www.beneficiaryresource.com or By Phone: 800-769-9187
- User Name: Dearborn National
For additional benefits questions, contact Cristal Soliz at (832) 668-7026 or by email at [email protected]