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Where is the district "Request to Volunteer Form"?

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Who do I make checks out to for orchestra items and fees?


Who do I make a check out to in order to join the booster club?

DPHS Orchestra Booster Club

Who do I make a check out to for booster club organized events?

DPHS Orchestra Booster Club

Are there opportunities to raise money for orchestra?

Yes, the orchestra has a couple of fundraisers each year. We decide what to sell depending on what we think will sell the best and make the best profit for our students. All profit goes to the student and is tracked through Charms. Any money earned can pay for instrument rentals, polo shirts, program fees, trips, banquet tickets or any other orchestra item. This money CANNOT be used for private lessons. Lesson payments must be made directly to the private lesson teacher.

Who donates the most money to the orchestra?

The Orchestra Booster Club, of course! This money is used to help defray the costs of fees for students, purchase equipment and music for the orchestra and provide scholarships. Donations from the booster club last year and this year have brought down the cost of accompanist fees, the banquet tickets, the spring trips and private lessons for all students.

How do I know how much my student owes?

Follow these instructions to use Charms, our financial tracking system.

Who do I pay?

For orchestra, it is best to pay the orchestra directors ON TIME. Once your student is entered on the fines and fees list, getting them off of the list is chaotic and a pain for directors, students and parents. Even if you are late on your fees, you need to pay the orchestra directors directly and not someone else in the school if at all possible. This will ensure that your payments are tracked properly. MySchoolBucks is also a reliable to get payments to the directors.