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Employee Expense Reimbursements

  • All reimbursements to employees need to be on an employee expense claim. Do not create a Request for Payment form for this.  RFP forms are for outside vendors only.
  • Employee expense claims for your budget managers must be manually approved by their supervisor.  Your Budget Manager will need to approve the claim in MUNIS, but you will need to do the following to get their Supervisor's approval (see Budget Manager Approval List):
  • E-mail the Administrator's Assistant with the claim # you need approved.  Put the claim number in the subject line and the body of the e-mail can read, "Please ask (Administrator's name) to approve claim # ___ for John Doe."
  • DO NOT send any attachments.   The Assistant will print out the claim and have the Administrator sign it and give it to Accounts Payable.
  • Since we do not pay State Occupancy and State Sales Taxes, we will not reimburse you for taxes on invoices from Third Party (i.e. vendors that do not have a breakdown of what the taxes are for.  You will need to request a breakdown of the taxes and include it with your backup.  It is better to deal directly with the hotels and use your tax exempt form to keep from paying state taxes.
  • Remember to scan in all attachments for expenses - certificates, receipts, mileage sheets, etc…  Every line on an expense claim should have an attachment.
  • Remember to scan in proof that the employee attended a conference - agenda, name tag, certificate…It is helpful if you tell your employees that they will need to keep these items BEFORE they attend the conference.
  • Remind employees not to wait until last minute to be reimbursed - for example, mileage should be reimbursed on a monthly basis.   There is a COPY feature in Munis to help.
  • If you have odd purchases on a receipt, please be specific in the comment section on what they were purchased for. You can also add a detailed note next to the receipt that you upload or you can send an email to AP with the detailed information.  
  • Please remind your staff members to ship items to the campus address and not their home address.  
  • We will only reimburse gas receipts if the employee is driving a District vehicle. Please request the vehicle information and attach it to the claim. 
  • Use Google Maps for mileage reimbursements and indicate if it is a round trip or one way. Use the school/department address if the employee is traveling on a work day. Use the employee's home address if the start day of travel is on a weekend.
  • For all Budget Manager's, we must have a signed approval backup in order to approve the claim.