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Vendors A - D/Amazon Melissa Orozco
Vendors E - K/Office Depot Melanie Rose
Vendors L - Z/Apple Jessica Bernal-Arenas
  • If you need to close a purchase order, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Accounts Payable will verify that there are no outstanding invoices to pay against the PO.  They will then forward to Purchasing to close the PO.
  • You cannot create a PO after something has already been ordered.  If a PO does not have enough money to pay for the items you ordered, you can either receive the remaining amount on another PO (as long as it was created BEFORE the order date) or you can submit a RFP for the remaining amount.  The dates are very important.
  • If a PO does not have enough money to pay for items you ordered, you can increase the PO up to 10 % or you can either receive the remaining amount on another PO (as long as it was created BEFORE the order date). You can also submit an RFP for the remaining amount.
  • You do not have to increase a PO to receive on an invoice if the pricing difference on the item is under $100 or if the shipping is under $35.  Accounts Payable can pay up to those amounts without a change order.
  • When placing a order, please do not give the vendor a random PO number.
  • When creating a requisition, please make sure you are using the correct vendor number. Make sure you are not using an "Inactive" or "Stop" vendor.  Make sure the address in MUNIS matches the address from the vendor you are ordering from.
  • Create 2 separate purchase orders for 6499 & 6399.
  • Remember to tell your teachers to turn in the KROGER receipts to you. (Kroger charges $5.00 per copy and that gets charged to your campus.) Once you get the receipt, create the receiving record and scan in the receipt. Please email the scanned receipt to [email protected].
  • KROGER - Be careful not to cut off the name of the store or the date when scanning your receipt(s). A/P needs to see that for entry, as will the auditors at audit time. If the receipt is too long to fit on a single sheet of paper, carefully cut the receipt and tape it onto a sheet of paper, then scan. If you have an extra-long receipt, use a second page. Just be sure ALL information is readable.
  • Put your PO # on the order form when ordering from OFFICE DEPOT.
  • We recommend that you consolidate your orders to OFFICE DEPOT and order from them on a weekly basis.  If you order from them more than once a week, you create more work for you and for AP.  Each order = a receiving record, an e-mail to AP, an invoice to input by AP and an invoice to edit by AP. Four steps can be consolidated into one weekly step.
  • OFFICE DEPOT orders should all be blanket PO's. Do NOT do line items for this vendor
  • OFFICE DEPOT and AMAZON - Wait until you receive the invoice from AP to create the receiving record. Reconcile the invoice to the packing slips then create the receiving record. Some are receiving on each packing slip and making it difficult for AP to reconcile what invoice each item is on.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this.
  • Open a blanket purchase order for all purchases you will have throughout the year-Kroger, Office Depot, Amazon, & Komputer +
  • When ordering near a holiday or non-working days (weeks), please make note of the projected delivery date. If need be, order a little earlier, or wait until you return to ensure someone is there to receive the items.  Otherwise, they will get returned back to the vendor.
  • SAM'S - Please make sure you set up an account online to print your invoices. This will eliminate late charges and interest fees. Remember to write your Sam's account number on the invoice. Please make sure you are choosing the correct Sam's vendor# when creating a requisition.       


  • Each organization is allowed two, one-day, tax-free sales per year. If you are having a school-wide fundraiser and are unsure if this counts as a one-day sale or not, follow the money. Whatever account the proceeds are deposited into is the organization that counts it toward one of their one-day sales. When two organizations work together and share a fundraiser, both organizations must count this as one of their one-day sales. When you deposit this money it must all be deposited at one time. If your fundraiser is large and covers several weeks with a specific end date, please make deposits as you go, if possible, to avoid checks sitting too long that may become insufficient. A one-day sale must have an end date for orders to be turned in. Any sales made at a later date will be taxed. For example, t-shirts that are ordered at the beginning of the year with a sale end date may be one of your tax-free sales. Any leftover shirts that are sold throughout the year must be taxed.
  • Any sales sponsored by PTO’s or Booster Clubs do not count toward DPISD one-day sales. Always follow the money. 
  • All Deer Park ISD schools have a sales tax rate of 8.25%
  • The calculations for sales tax for all schools will be done in the same manner with the only difference being the amount of the percentage used. The amount of the total actual sales will be divided by 1.0825 or 1.0725 to get taxable sales. Subtract this amount from your actual sales to calculate your sales tax. You should crosscheck this by multiplying taxable sales by your sales tax rate. Add these two numbers together to get your original actual sales.
T-Shirts   Candy
School Supplies    Concession stand food sales
Spirit Items   Popcorn
Book Sox   Sno-cones
Window Decal  Car Wash
Yearbooks Coupon Books
Food Sale by Food Service  Concerts
Spaghetti Dinners, etc. if catered  Spaghetti Dinner prepared by volunteers
Banquet tickets if meal is catered  Dance
Auction items, if tangible property  Raffle


  • The invoice number for a Kroger receipt is the REF #.  The invoice number for HEB is the APPR # (above their Ref #).  
  • Be sure that to use the purchase card that was given to you.  Tax does not automatically come off.  Tell the cashier knows that we are tax exempt.  The purchase should take a copy of the purchase order with him/her or a signed tax-exempt form showing our tax ID number.  The purchaser needs to look at the receipt at the time of purchase.  If tax was charged by mistake, have them do the refund/correction  at that time; otherwise, you will have to return to the store to have that done.  Save BOTH receipts to turn in.  You will then need to receive the FULL amount of the receipt (including tax) and then do an RFP for the refunded tax amount.  
  • Do not scan a receipt longer than a sheet of paper.  If necessary, carefully cut the receipt, then tape it onto the paper.  You can do side-by-side.  If necessary, use a second sheet of paper if the receipt is extra-long.  Be careful not to tape over the print as it will fade.  I need to see the items purchased, amount, date, invoice number and the total to enter it into the system.  The auditors also have to be able to read it.

A tip (not allowed on Per Diem) is always optional; it is intended to reward good customer service. Reimbursements for tips/gratuities for the following services are considered personal services and are unallowable for reimbursements:


  • Maid services
  • Valet parking
  • Taxi/shuttle/ground transportation
  • Baggage handler
  • Bell hop services
  • Restroom attendant
  • Concierge services
  • DJ services


We will continue to process tips that are included on District funded orders.

  • Example: Food is ordered at your campus/department with an approved vendor on a purchase order. You tip no more than 20% and that is included on the receipt. This tip is approved and will be processed in the payment to the vendor.
  • Example: Food is ordered at your campus/department on a personal credit card. You tip no more than 20% and that is included on the receipt. In order to receive reimbursement is if you include a credit card statement along with the itemized receipt. Accounts Payable will not accept hand written additions to receipts for delivery fees or tips. Accounts Payable will not reimburse over 20%.