Athletic Office

Athletic Office & Abshier Stadium
710 W. San Augustine
Deer Park, TX 77536
TEL:  (832) 668-7241
FAX:  (281) 930-4716

Questions regarding Athletic Paperwork, Physicals or Athletic Fees
Please call the Athletic Trainers office at (832) 668-7245
or visit the Deer Park Sports Medicine page.

Welcome to Deer Park I.S.D’s Clyde Abshier Stadium.  It is our hope that you will find our facility safe and enjoyable, and will be able to appreciate and applaud the efforts of each group. We do appreciate your observations of the rules and guidelines listed below:
1.  Gates will open 45 minutes prior to game time for spectators.
2.  Spectators will not be allowed to leave the stadium and return once the game has started.
3.  State laws and school district policies will be in effect concerning alcoholic
beverages and controlled substances.
4.  No outside food or drink may be brought into the stadium; this does not apply to band, drill team or cheerleaders.
5.  Food, drinks, gum, sunflower seeds and tobacco are prohibited at all times
around or on the field areas.
6.  Baby powder and similar products are prohibited at all times.
7.   The use of tobacco products in any form is prohibited on all school district property. (State Law)
8.  Tailgate parties are prohibited.
9.  Only emergency vehicles may be parked inside the stadium (regulated by the
Stadium Supervisor).
10. NO VEHICLE of any kind is allowed to drive on the field surface (includes trailers
and golf carts).
11.    Only authorized personnel will be allowed on the field or in the dressing areas before the game, at halftime, or after the game.  Individuals must present a sideline pass.
12.    School photographers, newspaper reporters, and school video crews must have a sideline pass. Photographers and reporters are not allowed in the
bench area during the game and must remain behind the yellow line
(soccer boundary line) at all times.
13.    No loitering will be permitted.  Spectators must sit in the stands and keep off the rails.  Aisles should be kept clear at all times.  Students may not cross to the opposite side of the stadium.
14.    Items such as Frisbees, balls, whistles, etc… are not allowed in the stadium.
15.    Bags, backpacks, coolers, etc…  are not allowed in the stadium. 
16.    For the courtesy of fan viewing and safety, umbrellas cannot be used in the seating area.
17.    Victory lines shall be limited to drill team and cheerleaders only.
18.    Spirit banners may be hung on the fence at the top of the stands.  Signs should
NOT be taped or hung on any other stadium structure.
19.    Booster clubs wishing to sell items under the grandstands must receive approval from the athletic office. Booster clubs must set up in the approved areas. Please call 832-668-7241 for information concerning booster club sales.