Athletic Paperwork

DPISD requires all students in grades 7 through 12 who wish to participate in athletics to have a new medical history and physical examination from the physician of their choice along with the online athletic paperwork accessed through Rank One completed annually.


The Athletic Trainers can only accept the current medical history and physical examination form available from the UIL.  We cannot accept any previous version of this form prior to the current 2020 form.  Please be sure you bring the most current form with you to your physician when receiving your physical exam.  You can download and print the latest form from the DPISD Athletics page or from Rank One.


DPISD requires that both the medical history and physical examination and all required online athletic paperwork are done and submitted to the Athletic Trainers PRIOR to any try outs.  Students in an athletic period must meet this requirement to stay in an athletic period even if the try outs for their sport is not until later in the school year.


Click on the Rank One logo below to be directed to the Rank One Sport page for Deer Park Athletics.

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